Information Services

Making sound decisions on overseas investments, protective security and duty-of-care concerns is dependent on timely, accurate and professionally evaluated information on where and how people, assets and property may be at risk. Allan & Associates’ specialist research staff and global network of correspondents provide a range of bespoke and subscription based Political Risk Analysis, Market Evaluation and Security Threat Assessment products.

Allan & Associates’ Hong Kong, London and Washington DC based Risk Analysis teams consist of subject specialists responsible for monitoring and assessing political activity throughout the world. Our Information Services provide independent and incisive analysis to complement Client organisations’ own reporting procedures.

Bespoke Information Services

Our Information Services are tailored to the individual requirements of the Client. Allan & Associates’ bespoke services comprise detailed assessments of each Client’s unique profile and identify the specific threats posed by their business environment. Utilising our global network of correspondents, Allan & Associates’ bespoke services provide Clients unrivalled access to decision critical information from outside the public domain.

Bespoke services can provide:

  • Tailored country risk assessments
  • Industry-specific risk assessments
  • Market evaluation and market entry reports (state / country / region level)
  • ‘Horizon Scanning’ alerts
  • Local area risk assessments (town / district / neighbourhood level)
  • Assessments on specific threat groups / organisations
  • Travel security reports
  • Executive briefings

A2 Global Information Service

A2 Global is an online and mobile app based subscription information service providing worldwide political and security analysis, as well as a customisable security alert capability.

Our network of analysts conduct round-the-clock monitoring of political and security conditions in 198 countries and territories. A2 Global provides independent, forward looking, business focused assessments enabling Clients to make timely, informed decisions intended to ensure the smooth running of their business operations.

The A2 Global platform enables Clients to select the countries, regions, sectors or groups of greatest concern, while the A2 Global Alert capability keeps our Clients informed of threatening or disruptive events that can impact their interests, assets and personnel.

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