Death From Above: The missile threat to Saudi Arabia and UAE

Recent missile strikes against civilian targets in Saudi Arabia have major implications for the country’s corporate security environment.


North Korea poses security risks to the Winter Olympics

Next month the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea will take place amid heightened geopolitical uncertainties on the peninsula. This presents complicated economic and security risks for visitors and foreign businesses.

2018 Global Risk Forecast – Sub-Saharan Africa

Several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are holding presidential or general elections in 2018, many of which will be key for the regional and global economies. Read less

2018 Global Risk Forecast – Mena & Central Asia

In 2018, the strategic rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia is likely to intensify, with inflammatory actions from both sides. Potential trigger-events are wide-ranging, but could include maritime incidents in the Arabian Sea or the Gulf, or missile strikes by Yemen’s Houthi rebel group (which Riyadh sees as an Iranian proxy) on targets in Saudi Arabia. The improvement of Houthi fire-control capability escalates this high-impact low-probability security threat.


2018 Global Risk Forecast – Asia

Trade relations between China and the U.S. are likely to deteriorate in 2018 as U.S. lawmakers from both major parties call for tougher measures against Chinese investments and trade practices. One such effort is the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (Firrma) introduced in November 2017. If enacted, this bill will significantly tighten the U.S. foreign investment review process, with China widely viewed – not least in Beijing – as the principal target.


2018 Global Risk Forecast – Europe

Europe faces a multitude of challenges in 2018, not least the disruptive influence of Russia, particularly in the Balkans, as well as preparations for the U.K.’s exit from the E.U. in the midst of political turmoil in large member states such as Germany and Spain. The threat of terrorist attacks, both from Islamists and far-right extremists, will remain the major security risk. (more…)

2018 Global Risk Forecast – The Americas

In 2018, seven Latin American countries will hold elections, both presidential and legislative: Cuba, Costa Rica, Colombia, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, and Venezuela. In addition, the United States’ congressional elections could have far-reaching political consequences for the current administration.


The Fifa World Cup in Russia: A poisoned chalice

In 2018, Russia will host one of the most-watched sports events in the world: the Fifa World Cup. A total of 32 national teams will compete in 64 games to decide the winner. However, amongst the excitement lie major political and security concerns that Russia will struggle to address.


Crime in India – What the data says

The 2016 figures for crime in India are out. The report, published by the Ministry of Home Affairs, suggests that the country’s crime hotspots often overlap with areas frequented by foreign nationals. (more…)

State of emergency: Mexico’s kidnapping epidemic

As the number of kidnappings and homicides continue to rise across Mexico, the government has introduced a new law giving the military broad powers to combat crime. (more…)